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How to Write and Rank any Article on Page 1 of any Search Engine

An Intro Workshop for All Website Owners and Content Writers

Why This Online SEO Course Matters

If you have a website, and none of its pages are ranking on page 1, then you won't be getting very much traffic. And without much traffic, your website will not be doing its job, which is to build an audience, gain trust, and make sales.

Our promise is clear and simple - "How to write and rank any article on page 1 "

It's a very bold promise, but it's backed up with rock solid proof. We've been ranking every new article we've written using this blueprint on page 1 without exception.

The only reason you haven't seen this method before is because it wasn't possible until 2017 when Google finally started to rank articles on merit alone due to their most important algorithm change to date - the introduction of "RankBrain" - Google's new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

Google recently announced that the number 1 ranking factor is now quality of content and not backlinks (yet many SEO experts still hang on to their old fashioned backlinking methods - most of which break Google's Terms of Service).

What we teach is 100% Google compliant. It gives Google exactly what they are asking for. And it gives your customers and prospects what they want too.

Once you've seen and learnt this process you will have learnt a skill for life. A skill that no one else is teaching. A skill that will keep you ahead of your competition and create real value for your customers and your business.

The Four Important Principles

Page 1 of Google

If you're not on page 1 then you're nowhere. You will learn precisely what to do to get there. No tricks. 100% Google Compliant.

Simple Step by Step Process

Anyone can do this, but it needs to be done correctly. The workshop takes you through the exact process step by step.

No Guesswork

When you invest the time to write a new article, wouldn't it be great to know with certainty your time was not wasted!

Skill for Life

You'll learn a simple process to write and rank articles that bring in new leads and sales. And you'll have this new skill for life.

What our customers say:

This is GOLD!!

Oh my word, I can’t even express how brilliant this is and how much time this saves.
I have been stuck with the research for a client for more than a week now, and this suddenly solved the whole bottle neck. This is GOLD!!

Lee-Anne Scott  //

I have learned so much

I have just started working with Quentin and have learned so much. I feel very grateful. He has delivered more than I expected so I strongly recommend him. He will help you make things happen.

Sophia Wu  //


I've seen the term futureproof used too many times to believe it - but this time, for once, it's true. Here's why:

Google will only stay in business if it provides the best possible search results. They know this very well, and it's why 7% of their work force now have PhD's (that's more than IBM's global research departments put together).

Because Google HAVE NO CHOICE to improve their search results, it means they MUST ENSURE that only the best pages rise to the top.

And that situation is NEVER going to change. Think about it. If you were Google, what would you do? Allow spammy backlinking schemes to work? Allow bad companies to ruin their rivals by adding spammy links to their rivals sites?

Of course not. Google are way cleverer than that. Their PhD engineers have put together the most powerful pattern detection systems on the planet. As I say, if they want to stay in business, they really have no choice.

The problem for us is, how do we write an article that can beat other articles - and know FOR SURE that we have not wasted our time?

Once we've cracked that little problem, everything becomes easy. And that's exactly what I show you how to do, step by simple step.

You need to know about this, and start doing it now so you stay ahead of your competitors and finally get your site to return the investment you always hoped it would - more leads, more customers, more sales.

It's my job to show you how I'm doing it every day for myself and my clients, and how you can do this too by learning the same process for yourself. That's exactly what I'll be teaching you in this workshop. Every step. Nothing left out.


Quentin Pain is your tutor. He is a former Winner of the IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year Award.

He has started 6 businesses including British software company Accountz which operates from the South Fens Business Centre in Chatteris, and which he grew from zero to 36,000 paying customers.

Quentin specialises in digital marketing, runs a large number of websites in many different markets and

in 2017 helped an international organisation save over £43,000 in SEO and website restructuring costs.

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